AQAI-Crabs are cultured on a hygienic facility equipped to regulate water quality and optimize pond management. At our technically advanced facility, we follow both horizontal and vertical farming methods with a Recirculation Aquaculture System (RAS) to ensure minimal water wastage. We follow an organized mud crab farming method facilitated by our MOU with ICAR-CIBA. We are certified manufactures and exporters of Marine Product and Export Development Authority (MPEDA), Government of India, Certification number: () for live seafood transportation.

Our facility can hold up to 2 tons of crabs for farming. Our supply chain ensures swift delivery through air shipments.

AQAI-CRABS follow a partnership model with CIBA wherein we work together to uplift “ tribes by providing them with green locals (100-gram crabs) for farming. We provide the necessary crab farming training. We prefer providing green locals due to the highest survival rate compared to eggs up to 100 gm, allowing people to successfully farm mud crabs with a minimal mortality rate. AQAI-CRABS guarantees a buyback after 90-120 days (approximately 4 months) from the day of culture.

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