Why AQAI crabs


AQAI-CRABS has consistently supplied premium quality crustaceans to over across countries. We have a stringent quality control protocol designed to align with international guidelines. All our crustaceans are technically graded and segregated, to eliminate weak and defective crabs. Crabs that bleed, froth, are empty and carry parasites are strictly rejected.

AQAI employs trained professionals with expertise in crustacean husbandry. This ensures superior quality of the crabs at every stage of the value chain. Combined with stringent quality checks, the selection process also includes meticulous observation to ensure that only lively, healthy, and pure Scylla Seretta with equal and strong claws are chosen to be exported.

AQAI-CRAB enclosures maintain an optimal, constant temperature with automated sprinkler systems to ensure periodic moisture retention. They are packed in export friendly boxes which retain moisture on the inside but remain dry when subject to inclement weather during shipping. Leak-proof and of regulated size, the packaging is made of robust material that keeps the crustaceans secure.

When you choose AQAI-CRABS, you can be sure of swift and safe delivery.

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